Terra Preta Soil

An environmentally-friendly improvement

The Terra Preta soil is a very fertile and eutrophic humus produced through a highly efficient environmentally-friendly composting method. The process was rediscovered in the Amazon Basin where it has been used for thousands of years by the local indigenous people. Terra Preta emerges from the combination of bio-waste, wood or vegetable coal, microorganisms from slurry as well as dung. This nutritious compound allows a long-term improvement of farming soil in various ways:


Enhancement of the soil's ability to store water and nutrients


Reduction of soil degradation


Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Why you should buy Terra Preta

By buying Terra Preta You do not only help the environment in a very efficient way but also support local Ugandan farmers to improve their possibilities of a healthy and self-sustainable life in agriculture. Apart from profiting yourself from the Terra Preta Soil which will nourish the earth and help your plants grow better and to be more resistant.

These specific soil qualities will increase yields and ensure that plants will grow faster and more beautifully.

The introduction of Terra Preta will be a considerable contribution to environmental conservation, as it absorbs significant amounts of CO2 and methane while also reducing the quantity of chemical fertilizers needed and reducing soil degradation. Therefore, the soil contributes to reducing environmental harm and making farming and gardening more sustainable.